Friday, May 14, 2010

My Creative Space - Children’s Wear Week

Well apparently it’s children’s wear week or at least it was, not that I was aware of it mind until today. All I can say is that it must have been in the ether or something as that’s exactly what I’ve been up to.
I haven’t made anything for the kids in years and why of all weeks would I suddenly decide I needed to make P.J.’s for the kids? Weird.

So off I go to Spotlight…big disappointment. Nothing in the flannelette was even remotely usable for my children’s age group  and especially for my boy and it was soooo expensive I mean come on this is stuff you wear to bed!!! So after looking around for a bit I came across some cute plaid  material that was lovely, thick and soft and 140cm wide for $4 a meter MINE!

 IMG_2926 IMG_2928 IMG_2930

I then decided to go home and see what I could find in my material box for Savannah.

IMG_2927 IMG_2929

I’m quite happy with the result and at least I can customise the fit so that they are the comfiest Jammies ever.
But as a note to self in future I am going to keep a look out for flannelette sheeting at the op shops that may be suitable for Jammies and probably nicer as well.

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