Monday, May 31, 2010

My Creative Space - Update

A couple of Creative Space posts ago I was working on a packaging design for the Southern Cross Packaging Design Awards for my Uni assignment. The challenge was to come up with packaging for a baked goods or biscuit line and I wanted to create a cup cake stand. Well the stand was a little complicated and I decided to go with a tray instead (keeping manufacturing requirements in mind).

It is finished!

cake box and tray-1

The bottom has a handle in the middle so that when the lid comes off there’s no need to find a plate it is already sitting on a pretty tray!


These are the finished graphic elements and label.

Promo Postcard 

This is a promotional postcard! Another part of our assignment. Now I just have to finish my 1000 word rationale to go with it, blah! 

One more assignment to go and I have finished for the semester and there is only one more semester and I finish my BGD and graduate!!!!!!


Ky said...

I did the Southern Cross packaging award when I was in uni studying design, I did a wine bottle label. I must say that your design looks a lot prettier than mine did:)

Chasing Purple Dreams said...

It looks sensational. What a shame the fun part is over. 1000 words – blah!

Quilary said...

I'd buy that! It looks great. Hope the words flow on the page!