Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Creative Space

cake stand

My creative space this week is all virtual, actually it’s still all in my head!
Huh? You may ask, let me explain. I am currently working on an assignment for Uni that involves coming up with a new way to package biscuits or baked goods (cup cakes, muffins etc). So I have come up with an idea that involves a cake stand (like the one above).  I’m still in the planning stages at the moment but I have put together a few preliminary visuals that I’m not totally happy with and may be completely scrapped but you have to start some where.

Label Petite logo copy Label Petite wallpaper copy 

Sometimes the creative process is just a series of mistakes until you get it right!


Megan said...

you definitely do need a few scrapped ideas, i bet the finished product turns out great :)

Nycole said...

It's so true, you can't get to all the good stuff until you do a big brain dump! btw, I really like your rounded corners on your pics.

Kate said...

What course are you doing? That sounds like a fun assignment. I hope you come up with something brilliant.