Monday, June 21, 2010

IF - Paisley


This weeks Illustration Friday theme word is Paisley!

Paisley would have to be my all time favourite pattern, love, love love it!!!!!!  When I doodle it often comes out as paisley its just so intricate and pretty.

There is an interesting story attached to paisley  in the context of Hindu religion it goes;

The Monkey god Hanuman was hungry and looked up into the trees for fruit. He ate one which was a wonderful flavour, much better than all of the others. It was a mango. To make sure that all of his friends could find the same good fruit he went along and squeezed them all into this distinctive shape.

Ink and pen on pescia paper


Amalia K said...

Absolutely stunning work, Kylie! It's not very often I see the Monkey god Hanuman in another form than a white monkey with fangs... This looks great! :)

Roberto said...

Beautiful ilustration.!

Jack Foster said...

Great work Kylie! Love the detail... and the informative story. Thanks

Isabelle said...

It's beautiful!!! The colors are amazing with the black ink. Glad I found you by IF!! Very interesting blog also, I will come back and read more!

michele said...

Hi Kylie! Cool watercolor and ink technique for "Paisley." I also like "What I wore..." but in my case, it would be shorts, just about every day! Lol :o) Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!