Monday, June 14, 2010

It’s a process…the Kitty Brooch evolves!

I have been making these little brooch critters lately (tutorial here) and I’m finding that every generation that I do is evolving and refining.
I guess that’s the creative process really. Trial, error, redoing, adding, subtracting, thinking, giving up ,trying again.
Its fun though, and I think I might keep going and see how many variations I can find. So far we have the Kitty, the Owl and now I have started on the Foxy you see below. I am enjoying adding the little faces too, though again I think this will be refined as I keep working it out.
What I love is that it’s such a super easy basic pattern and really can be applied to all sorts of creatures just with shaping and feature addition. I think too as I’m not a terrific knitter this is just enough knitting to give me pleasure and not an aneurism, very important.

elegant fox glamour puss copy

Glamour Kitty is a little present for my dear friend who asked if I could make her one. She mentioned she’s wearing a lot of grey and apricot/pink at the moment so I thought I would coordinate their outfits. You can’t quite see in the picture but Kitty is also sporting some bling on her scarf, I hope my friend likes it!

I’m finding these are really good little presents to have on hand if there is an unexpected birthday, little people really love them.

I think I have just about used all my brooch clasps up now I may just have to go get some more, I may even think about key rings!

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Fourth Daughter said...

so cute and a lovely gift idea, I always try to handmake gifts too if I think people will appreciate it (I know that some don't!). You might like to take a look at a cute item I posted today (not handmade, but cute nonetheless!) and give me your opinion?