Saturday, June 5, 2010

TAG your it


tag your it2.jpg I was slumping around this morning in my PJ’s not really wanting to go anywhere or do anything and a little thought started to buzz in my head. You know the ones, little buzzy thoughts, that wont go away and seem to get peskier the more you ignore them.

The thought went something like this…
’Lets do something randomly nice!’
I say ‘ humph, what for?’
The thought goes ‘Well ‘cause its nice dummy!’
I say ‘Well what did you have in mind? It better not be too hard or you can forget it!’
The thought get’s excited and starts to talk about a game of ‘grown up’ tag, I’m kind of interested now and ask for some more details.
’Well,’ the thought says, ‘How about we make some super cute tags with some nice quotes on them and just give them away?’
’OK, that doesn’t sound too hard.’ I say
’But that’s not all’ says the thought, ‘No, that’s not all. We will see if anyone else wants to play and invite whoever gets the tags to make their own and pass them along to others or leave them randomly somewhere. What do you think?’
’Well I think it sounds like a bit of fun. Secretly, (or not) spreading some happy thoughts for not much effort…let’s do it!’

So. what do you think? You can join in too.

If you do I would love to know and perhaps we can share photo’s of our tags where ever we drop them off and post about them!

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