Monday, June 14, 2010


they weep

Isn’t it strange how there are some weeks when everything converges around a particular thing. Over and over again the same theme comes up and your left wondering what does this mean?

There has been a bit of a focus in the media this week on homelessness in Australia and how hard it is becoming to either own your own home or to find rental, the brunt of this seems to, typically, fall on single women with children. It came a little closer to home this week as I heard of a heartbreaking situation where emergency accommodation has become so desperate that tents are being given out as there is nothing else available. Not only is this shocking but as an added stab of the knife children are being put into foster care if their parents can’t get housing. Can you imagine what that would be like?

I guess we in Australia have been a lucky for a long time because this seems very new to me. I have been always very proud of the system we have in place to take care of those who are struggling, but I know that those working in the system are under enormous stress to adequately care for the ever increasing ‘less fortunate’.

As I sit in my adequately heated house with food in the cupboard and enough money to get my kids to the doctor if needed and provide all the essentials I can’t help but wonder, there are not so many degrees of separation between me and these terrible circumstances if the ‘right’ events were to occur in my life.

I am left with the question, what can I do? The distressing thing is I really don’t know, but I do believe in the power of prayer and I saw it’s  power displayed this week. The above situation I described had me on my knees and I am so happy to report the next day I heard a home was found and a family is still intact.

All I can say is Praise God!

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