Friday, July 9, 2010

Bringing Home the Treasure

Well I guess it had to happen, the end of the holidays *sigh*

So now I will show you some of the treasure discovered, new and old.

Something New

Seriously loving the work of Courtney Brims Brisbane artist.courtney-brims_portrait

Image here


Card purchased from Bop Boutique Bendigo Go visit here for cute and kooky stuff.

courtneybrims1  Picture 3

Something Old

My mum was in  give away mode and so I scored big time.

First this super cute tin which I can remember being around forever and when I had a look underneath I saw it was a Coles of Melbourne Toffee Tin!  But wait there’s more…


…upon opening eureka! Inside it was full of mums old swap cards which I used to play with as a kid. Some of them are actually playing cards and some used to belong to my Grandpa’s sister when she was a kid so they are quite old…but wait there’s more…


Then mum pulled out her old magazines and posters she had on her wall as a teen, how awesome are these (just a small selection mind you). Oh Elvis, Tom Jones, you devils you!!! I don’t know who the blondie is but love her hair  and as for the teen love mag’s, everything your mother never told you my dear, so sweet!


Well that’s my show and tell for today. I’ll have to let you in on my op shop finds next!

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Fourth Daughter said...

I LOVE this post!! What great hand-me-downs and gorgeous art. Just backs up my theory that you should never throw anything out because someone down the line will appreciate it some day (yes, my house AND shed are full of crap due to that theory!)