Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday me! (and a giveaway)

*giveaway at bottom of page*

Well I’m Forty! I have to admit it wasn’t that painful big sooky la la that I am and I think I have my most awesome friends and family to thank for that.
The day started late with a long breakfast in bed, made by my dear little Lachi, and a call from my mum so it was off to a good start. This was followed by snuggly conversations with the little one until we felt like getting up.
I had decided the night before I wasn’t going to go to church so I spent the morning just pottering around while the kids made fabulous cubby houses outside.
I had invited my girlfriend April and her girls over for lunch so I reheated the two pots of soup I had made the day before ready for lunch, and then we all spent the day just hanging out  until tea time. Then my other besty Michelle came over with her family and we ordered pizza and had the MOST AWESOME Toblerone Cheese Cake that April had made!!!! It was the most lovely, relaxed, blessed day *sigh*

I would like to introduce you to two my dear friends…img152 copy

This is April (on the right) we met when I was 9 and have remained firm friends all our lives. We have weathered the usual births, deaths and marriages and everything else in between. She is my heart sister totally true and faithful, and we tend to be naughty when were together which is important and fun don’t you think? Love her to bits.
Oh, and just for a bit of trivia the guy in the centre row forth from the right is Brent Parker-Jones who appeared on the first season of Master Chef!
It’s kind of weird, but you know I still know most of these people after all these years! Also, my kids now go to the same school, minus the white knee high socks with sandals!

The next lovely is my special friend Michelle…isn’t she purdy?


Our friendship kind of took a round about route. I knew of Michelle when we were both Nurses in Sydney as she was dating and then married a boy I grew up with, however it wasn’t until we had both moved to Mildura that we really got to know each other. But it wasn’t until I had moved to Bendigo that our friendship really became close…Wierd?! When we lived in Bendigo we would spend every Easter and Christmas together and since we moved back to Mildura our weekends kind of go like this…Friday night her house, Sunday afternoon coffee for the ladies while the daddies look after the kids and watch motorsports then Sunday night tea at our house. Sunday just doesn't seem like Sunday without  Michelle and coffee! She is wise and strong and graceful and super funny in a really intelligent way, such friends.

So now I will show off the goodies…. can you see? Yes, it is a new Janome Sewing Machine thanks to my sweet, lovely husband!!!!!


These pearl earrings and the Homemade book from April all the way from a recent Darwin Holiday.


These beautiful handmade pieces from my Michelle.


Seriously,  how blessed am I?

*So now I would like to bless others with a giveaway. My giveaway will consist off a secret envelope of cuteness inspired by the Envelope Project.

I will be making things on the above new machine and out of the new book and other lovelies but it will be kind off secret squirrel. There may be peeks of said cute items in the next week.

If you would like to be a part of the giveaway then leave a comment with one thing you are grateful for and I will draw a name in two weeks time.


Knicky Knacks said...

Count me in. I'm grateful for living in a small coastal town where everyone looks out for each other and provides a safe and happy place for my kids to grow up.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

hello red fox; happy birthday to you. 40 is just a number, right? that's how i experienced it. i'm progressing towards the next big number, but not for another 2 1/2 years. no moaning on my part.
i'm grateful for many, many things. i am really happy about exotic internet traveling. like reading up on other people's small lives, and discover we are not at all different from one another. that feeling makes me tick. every day... :)))

palex said...

I am so grateful that after many years out of the workforce raising my son, I was able to secure a terrific job that I love...and am also grateful for full water tanks and a 3/4 full dam... a first for many years in drought ridden Bendigo !!! - Olwen A

Lisa said...

I am grateful for a loving family. rhisomers(at)gmail(dot)com

resa said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a lovely day, glad you enjoyed yourself.

Fourth Daughter said...

Oh, happy birthday! Great to read you had a lovely one.. and funny about the Masterchef thing, my next door neighbour was actually in the series that's on now!!

nerines said...

Happy Birthday!!...this time I'm a little late with the wishes, lol. Lucky you, what terrific gifts! That's a very thoughtful and generous thing to offer. I'd like to be in for sure! Thankyou...and pop on over to mine if you like I have an offer too, but it's more of a DIY:) xo

fuelforbodyandsoul said...

What lovely presents :) Sounds like you have a good birthday!

I'm grateful for my new job! It's taken some time but at last I have a job I enjoy :D