Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Re: Embrace Life and Gratitude


Just a quick thought. 

Just recently friends of ours have suffered the loss of a member of their family. A young healthy mother of two children 5 and 2  passed away during the night with no warning. It has rocked family and friends and underscores how fragile life is and how precious.

Then I was thinking about the commercial I posted the other day, and the symbology behind it. Our loved ones really are the ‘seatbelts’ to our lives when it all just hits the wall and life collides with you like the proverbial bus. They brace you and keep you secure when it all feels like it’s out of control, so more than anything else I am grateful to my family and friends they really are the glue that holds me together.


Knicky Knacks said...

Beautiful sentiments and I agree.

Krista said...

Kylie, I am so sorry about your friend. Recently one of my husband's best friends lost his wife and we are just heartbroken. Their boys are 13 and 10, and it was way too soon to lose their mom. You're right-- life is fragile and oh so precious! Enjoy the moment!

ana @ i made it so said...

that is a powerful commercial... and i like how you applied the analogy to our own lives and the relationships within them. thank you for sharing, and i'm sorry for your friends' loss.