Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Secret Squirrel Squealed-the I can’t help myself I have to give you a sneak preview of the giveaway post

*my birthday giveaway*

OK I suck at not giving away secret presents, (unless it’s the kids then I love not telling them they make such funny pleading type faces, wahaha!) But I’m not giving it away completely just a bit of a sneak peak…


Some of the items on this table are in the process of making themselves ready for a grand tour and some are ready and waiting and some are hiding out of sight and some have not even made their way into the picture…hehehe…I feel all secretive and sneaky and can’t wait till I send it off. Remember just leave a comment about what your grateful for and your in the running for the Surprise Package


nerines said...

Ooooh I likey...I suck at not peeking at presents. They don't even get sent to my house anymore they are sent to my sister's and then given to me when the time comes:)

nerines said...

I'm grateful for that really..or nothing would be a suprise! :)