Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ten Things…

I have been tagged to play ten things by Fourth Daughter over at Style Wilderness so…

1. I LOVE Science Fiction BIG time…and English period dramas. Yep, nothing like keeping your options open.

cat rabbit 

2. I like to sing and have sang solo’s and duets and in Choir's. My first public appearance was at the old folks home when I was 4 but I chickened out and ran away leaving my partner to go it alone, she still mentions it occasionally.

4. I married an artist. You would think marrying a fellow artist would be a good thing but it just means there’s no one to do the human, earthly things. I manage to pull it together enough to make sure children are fed and bills paid…well most of the time.

4. I can’t count!?! Well actually I can count but I suck at times tables all I remember of learning of times tables is having the teacher spring “what’s 6 x 12” on me and me probably looking like a deer caught in the headlights and thinking “ ????? “ and generally wishing I could just die, please, anything, just get me out of maths!


5.I have never been really career minded. I have always been quite happy being a stay at home mum/homemaker and if I could get paid for doing that I probably wouldn’t bother going to work.
This may not be very burn your bra, ra ra, feministic( I think i just made a word) but I’ve always thought the feminist ideal was that women get a choice, not that they have to be all power driven, conquer the world career super women as well as all the other stuff as well,and that’s OK  if that’s what you want to but I don’t!


6.I really really really really hate doing dishes they suck like a Hoover.

7.I secretly wish I could live a totally self sufficient, sustainable live off the land and off the grid kind of life…but with holidays in France. That’s possible right!? Oh but I’m not giving up toilet paper!


8. I have done Archery and Fencing and I can ride a horse. Ready and waiting for my next quest, may need some assistance with actually getting into the saddle these days*see next.

9. I have just started to do Yoga (beginner's). The first session consisted of me thinking ‘you want me to put what, where?’ after some slight?? modifications on my part it is slowly coming together. Emphasis on the slow.

Picture 3

10. I like foxes, but you new that right.
Just last week my friend, who lives in town, went for an evening walk and a pair of foxes ran across her front yard looking at her as they loped past. 
This last point you may find a bit icky but my Dad was actually a fox shooter (actually that’s another point, I can fire a rifle, but I have never ever killed any living thing with it however many cans went to the great smelt house in the sky). 
Dad would bring home the skins and peg them out in the back yard and sprinkle salt on them and let them dry out so that he could  then sell them. They are extremely smelly creatures and they are naughty and feral and not good for our native environment,but I still like them, I can be naughty and feral and occasionally smelly too.

Talking of naughty I do not know where I found all these images so sorry! Oh but the first two are from Cat Rabbit.


Fourth Daughter said...

I ADORE period dramas too (just borrowed Pride and Prejudice from the library, although have seen it already of course, the 6-part one)...
Did you know Cat Rabbit has a studio in Melbourne? I even saw her working space!
Plus, in that first pic, the label on the creature's collar says "I love blood" in German...
Oh and also part of this thing is to tag 5 other people.. I didn't really explain properly, should have said "you've been awarded a Beautiful Blogger award" too...

Claire Gale said...

i love cat rabbit's work, it's just amazing. i recently went on one of her workshops. thanks so much for popping by baby boudoir with your great suggestions. be seein ya x