Saturday, August 21, 2010

IF - Atmosphere

This weeks Illustration Friday theme is "Atmosphere".....

The greater light gives way to the lesser light, and the moon Queen arises!
See her in all her splendour as she moves across the indigo sky, illuminating the night.
The magic of her moon charges the atmosphere, setting the scene for lovers and villains.
What does she see on her inky throne as she looks at the mortals below?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lets Colour Project

Originally uploaded by Let's Colour
I have just stumbled apon the Lets Colour Project put on by Dulux. I'm a bit of a sucker for colour I kinda go all goofy, so I can't think of a better way to brighten a day than to brighten a wall or two. I feel a painting project coming on.
So check out the amazing ways people have used paint to improve the world over at Flickr...ahhh colour.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Da Boyz....

It's just me and the boys this week. My lovely husband and darling daughter are away on school camp in Canberra so we are on our own!
It's actually really nice to just spend some solitary time with each of the boys, it's funny how the group dynamics change when people are away. Micah comes home and has lunch with me and Lachi has taken over Dad's side of the bed now that Savannah's not around to chat/muck around with at bed time. They share a room and last night we had a few tears from the small man of missing his sister.
It's amazing how much I'm getting done now that I haven't got my honey around to stop and have coffee with (he works nights so we tend to hang out in the arvo's...well not so much now I'm working *sigh*). The house is so tidy too...this makes me I know who's making the mess!!!!!
Still I don't think I would like this to last more than a week, I might get a little bit sooky la la.
I've got to laugh though, Norman sent me a text last night letting me know they got there all right and telling me they had vegetarian lasagne without cheese for tea, his comment was... 'YUCK!'
And if you new him you would know what a huge carnivore he is and he's going to have to put up with vegetarian food all week, hehehe. I had to let him know that we had delicious Chicken and Broccoli Basil Pesto Pasta (try saying that three times fast) for tea, rub it in!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

IF - Star Gazing

This weeks theme for Illustration Friday is 'Star Gazing'.

I just can't help myself everytime I seem to hear the themes lately poems or songs spring to mind...this time it's an 80's classic by Linda Ronstadt 'Somewhere Out There'


OK if you watch this be prepared to have tissues on hand!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Prince...Oh Yeah Baby!

Oh my goodness staying up past my bed time and rage is playing old Prince clips! This was a fave when I was about 14-15 blast from the past, and the clothes classic, He He!
He was a bit filthy though I mean really some of those songs...eeek!

NO EXIT...yet!

Recently I attended my Lecturer and friend David Nightingales Masters exhibition entitled 'Pieces Portions Planes'. David is passionate about Typography and has interpreted the idea of words as objects, losing meaning.
The 'white and one' piece is an ephemeral piece made from brewed coffee over paper and canvas. And you may notice that the 'Push Pull' piece can be read both ways, very clever I think!
This exhibition space is owned by the University and is where our end of year exhibition will be. So our thinking caps are on for names, themes and artwork to be displayed. I will be involved in the design of the catalogue as well as exhibiting.
This is of course just one of the many balls that I am juggling at the moment, in the next few weeks I have to produce:
1. A 1000 word essay on conceptual advertising/artwork. (boo yuck, I hate essays!!!!)
2. 2 x 750 word Art Forum Reviews (booo yuck!)
3. 16 Page pitch booklet for a potential coffee table book (thinking interior design??)
4. A digital Portfolio (I think I will do a CD of my Illustrations that can be sent to potential clients and publishers)
This is of course on top of work, being a student rep for our Regional Design Conference 'Cultivator' (I also produced the Logo for the conference and have submitted designs for the Poster, Brochure and tickets as well as researching promotional items, I really hope they don't pick my design really as that will just be another thing to do!!), being on the board of my kids school and just general life....OK I'm having a panic attack now, no wonder I keep getting sick, YIKES!!! Righto, get off the computer you dummy and do some work or go to bed or something.

Friday, August 13, 2010

That's it I can't resist any longer....

Well I am still without Live Writer (for some reason it keeps giving me error messages when I try to down load it to my new computer) and I think it's pooey not to be able to access it at the moment but I will carry on without pretty corners on my images, the incredibly long upload times and the clunky way Blogger edits stuff. Humph!
So....I have finally found two minutes together to post off my giveaway, yeah I know it's been a while, bit naughty really, but truly I have been extra, extra busy with no time at all.

But I can't resist anymore showing some pictures, cause it was all secretive and stuff, but no longer.

I so hope she likes it, it's travelling all the way to Hawaii, wow!! Now that I look back at the contents I feel a little worried about it getting through customs I didn't even think about that, oh dear I hope it gets there OK.

Oh and for My Creative Space this week I have one more row to go on my granny rug plus some decorative edging and I'm finished.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

IF- Caged

This weeks Illustration friday challenge is 'Caged'
There is nothing like the cage we build for ourselves when it comes to unrequited love.

I also thought of a poem (see below) when I began to think of cages, and the fact that we often build cages for ouselves and convice ourselves we are stuck in them when in fact the way lies open if we will just take the chance to be free.

Anger's Freeing Power
Ihad a dream three walls stood up where in a raven bird
Against the walls did beat himself and was this not absurd?
For sun and rain beat in the cell that had it's forth wall free
And daily blew summer shower and the rain came presently
And all the pretty summer time and all the winter too
That foolish bird beat himself till he was black and blue.
Rouse up, rouse up, my raven bird, fly by the open wall
You make a prison of place that is not one at all
I took my raven by the hand, 'Oh come,' I said 'My raven,
and I will take you by the hand and you shall fly to heaven.'
But Oh he sobbed and Oh he sighed and in a fit he lay,
Until two fellow ravens came and stood outside to say:
'You wretched bird, conceited lump,
You well deserve to pine and thump.'
See now a wonder, mark it well
My bird rears up in angry spell.
Oh do I then? He says, and careless flies
O'er flattened wall at once to heaven's skies.
And in my deam I watched him go
And I was glad, I loved him so,
Yet when I woke my eyes were wet
To think love had not freed my pet,
Anger it was that won him hence
As only anger taught him sense.
Often my tears fall in a shower
Because of anger's freeing power.
-Stevie Smith-

Monday, August 9, 2010

Positive Posters

Ok I'm a bit of a duffer, I went to edit my post the other day and accidentally deleted it, doh!

So in response to a couple of comments I have fixed the spelling error:( and tweeked the concept!
The idea again is seeing the positive 'A glass half full'. So Cinderella over here lost a shoe but gained a prince and the ugly broken boot now helps flowers grow instead of being landfill, get it!!?? Whadayathink, huh?

Monday, August 2, 2010


There has been a plot afoot I feel to keep me from the blogging world!!!!
1. A slow damn computer courtesy of a teen
2. The dumping of Uni assignments all at once and on a short deadline
3. A house that will continually refuse to clean itself
4. And work (actually I'm not complaining about this one)

But finally I have managed to get to my secret giveaway....
So the winner is Lisa at so Lisa will be receiving her gift in the mail soon!

Sorry not even an image to post or otherwise I would have to sit here all night waiting for it all to load, and as my eye is currently twitching from lack of sleep, I think I had better crawl into bed as soon as possible. I am sitting here looking at the spinning wheel of death on the download screen willing it to move faster but I dont think it's increasing the chances of me getting to read any blogs...poo!