Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Da Boyz....

It's just me and the boys this week. My lovely husband and darling daughter are away on school camp in Canberra so we are on our own!
It's actually really nice to just spend some solitary time with each of the boys, it's funny how the group dynamics change when people are away. Micah comes home and has lunch with me and Lachi has taken over Dad's side of the bed now that Savannah's not around to chat/muck around with at bed time. They share a room and last night we had a few tears from the small man of missing his sister.
It's amazing how much I'm getting done now that I haven't got my honey around to stop and have coffee with (he works nights so we tend to hang out in the arvo's...well not so much now I'm working *sigh*). The house is so tidy too...this makes me suspicious...now I know who's making the mess!!!!!
Still I don't think I would like this to last more than a week, I might get a little bit sooky la la.
I've got to laugh though, Norman sent me a text last night letting me know they got there all right and telling me they had vegetarian lasagne without cheese for tea, his comment was... 'YUCK!'
And if you new him you would know what a huge carnivore he is and he's going to have to put up with vegetarian food all week, hehehe. I had to let him know that we had delicious Chicken and Broccoli Basil Pesto Pasta (try saying that three times fast) for tea, rub it in!!

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