Tuesday, August 10, 2010

IF- Caged

This weeks Illustration friday challenge is 'Caged'
There is nothing like the cage we build for ourselves when it comes to unrequited love.

I also thought of a poem (see below) when I began to think of cages, and the fact that we often build cages for ouselves and convice ourselves we are stuck in them when in fact the way lies open if we will just take the chance to be free.

Anger's Freeing Power
Ihad a dream three walls stood up where in a raven bird
Against the walls did beat himself and was this not absurd?
For sun and rain beat in the cell that had it's forth wall free
And daily blew summer shower and the rain came presently
And all the pretty summer time and all the winter too
That foolish bird beat himself till he was black and blue.
Rouse up, rouse up, my raven bird, fly by the open wall
You make a prison of place that is not one at all
I took my raven by the hand, 'Oh come,' I said 'My raven,
and I will take you by the hand and you shall fly to heaven.'
But Oh he sobbed and Oh he sighed and in a fit he lay,
Until two fellow ravens came and stood outside to say:
'You wretched bird, conceited lump,
You well deserve to pine and thump.'
See now a wonder, mark it well
My bird rears up in angry spell.
Oh do I then? He says, and careless flies
O'er flattened wall at once to heaven's skies.
And in my deam I watched him go
And I was glad, I loved him so,
Yet when I woke my eyes were wet
To think love had not freed my pet,
Anger it was that won him hence
As only anger taught him sense.
Often my tears fall in a shower
Because of anger's freeing power.
-Stevie Smith-


The Boy Who Tamed a Bullet said...

wow...really nice colors.Love the mood.

Heather said...

lovely illustration...beautiful and thoughtful...we all need to take the chance to be free, i love how you've said that.

pretty day said...

Very nice image and nice message!

Valerie Lorimer said...

Beautiful peace - and great message.

Amalia K said...

Hello Kylie! Yes, it's a painful thing, that unrequited love. I love how you depicted it in this, and a it's lovely pairing it with the poem too. :)