Saturday, August 14, 2010

NO EXIT...yet!

Recently I attended my Lecturer and friend David Nightingales Masters exhibition entitled 'Pieces Portions Planes'. David is passionate about Typography and has interpreted the idea of words as objects, losing meaning.
The 'white and one' piece is an ephemeral piece made from brewed coffee over paper and canvas. And you may notice that the 'Push Pull' piece can be read both ways, very clever I think!
This exhibition space is owned by the University and is where our end of year exhibition will be. So our thinking caps are on for names, themes and artwork to be displayed. I will be involved in the design of the catalogue as well as exhibiting.
This is of course just one of the many balls that I am juggling at the moment, in the next few weeks I have to produce:
1. A 1000 word essay on conceptual advertising/artwork. (boo yuck, I hate essays!!!!)
2. 2 x 750 word Art Forum Reviews (booo yuck!)
3. 16 Page pitch booklet for a potential coffee table book (thinking interior design??)
4. A digital Portfolio (I think I will do a CD of my Illustrations that can be sent to potential clients and publishers)
This is of course on top of work, being a student rep for our Regional Design Conference 'Cultivator' (I also produced the Logo for the conference and have submitted designs for the Poster, Brochure and tickets as well as researching promotional items, I really hope they don't pick my design really as that will just be another thing to do!!), being on the board of my kids school and just general life....OK I'm having a panic attack now, no wonder I keep getting sick, YIKES!!! Righto, get off the computer you dummy and do some work or go to bed or something.

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