Monday, August 2, 2010


There has been a plot afoot I feel to keep me from the blogging world!!!!
1. A slow damn computer courtesy of a teen
2. The dumping of Uni assignments all at once and on a short deadline
3. A house that will continually refuse to clean itself
4. And work (actually I'm not complaining about this one)

But finally I have managed to get to my secret giveaway....
So the winner is Lisa at so Lisa will be receiving her gift in the mail soon!

Sorry not even an image to post or otherwise I would have to sit here all night waiting for it all to load, and as my eye is currently twitching from lack of sleep, I think I had better crawl into bed as soon as possible. I am sitting here looking at the spinning wheel of death on the download screen willing it to move faster but I dont think it's increasing the chances of me getting to read any blogs...poo!

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