Sunday, September 26, 2010

IF – Old-Fashioned

Tell me a story

Some things are old-fashioned but they are never old.
Things like Mother Goose, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes Lullabies and Stories.

Friday, September 24, 2010

IF - Acrobat

balancing bunnies copy

Balancing bunnies are quite acrobatic!

Something short and sweet, pencil and pen.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello. My name is Sprig!

Well a little creature has come to call and has pulled me out of my flump.

I would like to introduce the little character that will be a part of one of my final assignments, but I think he may be around to stay and I feel he has friends that might start peeking around the corner very soon!

Please give a warm welcome to ‘Sprig’!

Sprig and the Doormouse_PG2 copy     

He is about to have an adventure that involves a rainy day and a sleepy dormouse. I think he may be a little bit naughty but in a cheeky way, and I think he has a sister Twig and a best friend Redcap…hmmm. What do you think?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

IF - Proverb

Love what you do_Banner

OK. This weeks theme for Illustration Friday theme is ‘Proverb’. I wasn’t going to do anything this week but I realised that something I have been working on for my graduation banner actually fits the bill.

This is the proverb I try to live by, ‘Love what you do, do what you love’. After working in many crappy jobs that were never what I loved I really appreciate  the past four years doing my Graphic Design degree and now working in my industry.

My only problem at the moment is that my creative mojo seems to have decided to take a vacation just before the final push towards graduation. Only three assignments left and do you think I can come up with anything good? That would be a big fat NO!!!! Everything I do just looks like crappity crap crap to me at the moment. Even the above banner I’m not sure of. It’s supposed to represent me as an artist (no pressure), and it’s going to be printed 1250mmx800 that’s HUGE so if it’s crap it’s going to be BIG crap….ahhhhhh *sigh*

If anyone has feedback to help it will be gratefully received^_^

Friday, September 10, 2010

What the ??????


I walked out my back door this morning to this sight!

What is it you may ask? Is it an environmental sculpture or a cyber scarecrow perhaps? Hmmm….no.

The youngest has been very inventive with the aid of the dog chain, my juice jug, an old cardboard knight dress up construction, a trailer net and sundry bits of wood to form his very own practice dummy to keep his warrior skills sharp. You never know when Ninjas may attack or we might be invaded by an Orc or two, the backyard can be a dangerous and mysterious place!!!
He’s a boy alright!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

IF - Dessert


I have been working on this for ages as I have found bit’s of time here and there and I thought I would be able to finish it for the Illustration Friday theme “Dessert” this week but alas no. So this is just an unfinished submission for now until I can get back to it.

It’s too big to scan so I photographed it, very dodgy colour wise!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

What would I do without my besty?

My No.1 gal sent me this little film today with this message "I like how they save each other and it just makes me think of 'US' cause you save me heaps and I hope I somehow return the favour...xx" My dear friend you do, you do!! I like the part where they make a soft place for their friend to fall cause thats what it's all about right?

Ya know I just think every gal should give her best friend a text or call or note or something within the next day just to say how super amazing and awesome they are and how happy we are to know them. I think I just might right now...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm listening to...

Arn't all our hearts a bit messy?

Battered, bruised, fractured and broken? No getting through life without damage. Mabey it's the only way to keep our hearts soft enough for love to grow, if we choose that path...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Creative Space

I know it’s been a bit quiet around my blog lately and I have really missed it!

However there has been good reason. Firstly, as I may have said before, staring a new job has meant trying to find a balance again juggling all the many facets of my life. Two as I may have mentioned I have been quite ill with a nasty chest infection which took a bit of a detour and developed into Asthma apparently! Who knew? All I can say is thank God for medication I didn’t really realise how bad I was until the mind fog began to clear and I could breath again properly, oxygen to the brain is a very good thing!

Last but not least I have been madly handing in assignments left right and centre one of which was a competition piece for a regional design conference that involved coming up with a poster, brochure design and ticket design, well the long and the short of it is that my designs along with two others were chosen, hurrah for us! Also my logo was also chosen to represent the conference, and now Brad (my boss) and I have been asked to design and organise printing of all the before mentioned items within the next couple of weeks, Yikes!
All of this has just been a perfect storm of crazy living which I will be more than glad comes to an end when Uni is finally finished, I cant wait.

CultivatorPoster _02

Apart from all that, my husband has been wonderful and  created  a new creative space for me to work in.

camp 2009 016 copy 

So my computer nook has gone from this…

creative space 002

To this!
Not a huge difference but the extra space will make way for another computer.
With one child in year twelve and another starting high school next year( this one is a bit of a wiz at Photoshop too so I have to arm wrestle her off it when I need to do my work),  I was getting a bit sick of fighting over who got to use the computer etc. Problem solved!

Ahhh, loving this therapy for a broken heart

Friend of mine had her heart broken recently, there just never seems to be anything you can say in these situations. Just lots of hugs, listening, provision of tissues and shoulders to cry on and lots of cups of coffee. It just has to keep going till it just dosn't need to go on anymore, there's no easy way to heal hearts.

Have a listen to Happier music for the broken hearted by Fine Frenzy

IF- Immovable

Quicks sticks drawing on the crazy path that is my life!

Fine Frenzy, or the story of my life

So Sweet, I want to fall down a hole in my floor too, anybody got any spare holes laying around?
Been exceptionally busy and exceptionally sick and have decided to ditch Uni this morning...think I'll make a cup of coffee and catch up with myself, 'So Kylie, I haven't seen you for ages what's going on.....etc.'