Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Creative Space

I know it’s been a bit quiet around my blog lately and I have really missed it!

However there has been good reason. Firstly, as I may have said before, staring a new job has meant trying to find a balance again juggling all the many facets of my life. Two as I may have mentioned I have been quite ill with a nasty chest infection which took a bit of a detour and developed into Asthma apparently! Who knew? All I can say is thank God for medication I didn’t really realise how bad I was until the mind fog began to clear and I could breath again properly, oxygen to the brain is a very good thing!

Last but not least I have been madly handing in assignments left right and centre one of which was a competition piece for a regional design conference that involved coming up with a poster, brochure design and ticket design, well the long and the short of it is that my designs along with two others were chosen, hurrah for us! Also my logo was also chosen to represent the conference, and now Brad (my boss) and I have been asked to design and organise printing of all the before mentioned items within the next couple of weeks, Yikes!
All of this has just been a perfect storm of crazy living which I will be more than glad comes to an end when Uni is finally finished, I cant wait.

CultivatorPoster _02

Apart from all that, my husband has been wonderful and  created  a new creative space for me to work in.

camp 2009 016 copy 

So my computer nook has gone from this…

creative space 002

To this!
Not a huge difference but the extra space will make way for another computer.
With one child in year twelve and another starting high school next year( this one is a bit of a wiz at Photoshop too so I have to arm wrestle her off it when I need to do my work),  I was getting a bit sick of fighting over who got to use the computer etc. Problem solved!


BOB & MABEL said...

Congratulations, that's fab news! Great new work space too.

lisa stubbs said...

Ah glad you're better, and your new creative space looks fab! congratulations on the new job, hope all goes brilliantly with it and well done you for balancing and surviving that busy spell roll on uni finishing!:)

Fourth Daughter said...

What? You have a child in year 12?? I can't believe it! Congrats on the big win...Glad the job is working out, wish I could say the same about myself...