Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Softies for Mirabel

Softies for Mirabel Poster

It’s on again! Above is a  little illustration and design I did for a ‘Mirabel’ poster/flyer!

“Softies for Mirabel is now in it's fourth year.  It's a campaign Meet Me at Mikes run to benefit The Mirabel FoundationThe Mirabel Foundation is an amazing group of people who provide support to families affected by substance abuse.  Their work involves supporting the carers of kids who might have lost a parent, or been abandoned, due to their parent's illicit drug use.  Sometimes it is BOTH parents.   It's really VERY important work.  These kids are really amazing, and usually in the care of extended family or elderly grandparents.  They are often grieving for their lost parent.  And they need to know that PEOPLE CARE.  I care.  And my family and our little Mike's community cares.  Each year we ask people to get together (or fly solo!) and make a toy for a Mirabel kid.  Handmade toys are totally packed with love... and we want as many of those toys as possible to send out to Mirabel.  Your toy could become an invaluable confidante to a kid with lots of stuff to talk about.  Each toy is carefully matched to just the right kidlet, and they are gifted when they are needed most.  And you could be part of that.” (Meet Me at Mikes. blogspot.com)

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BOB & MABEL said...

Love the flyer, its really beautiful and illustrates the importance of "Softies for Mirabel".