Friday, October 15, 2010

Something feels weird….


Artist: Patricia Ariel

Guess what? I have just finished my last assignment!!!!!

hmmm….I kind of feel a bit weird, like I should be doing something. I’ve been wondering around the house not really sure what to do with myself. I thought I would have this great sense of euphoria and relief but I just feel out of sorts.

Have you ever felt like that after the end of a long project or something?

Of course I could be doing all manner of house worky-cleany type things or I could be crafting/sewing/hooking something or I could be drawing/painting something….na…..what to do, what to do….I think I just need to go and have coffee with my besty…yup, she’ll hep me sort myself out.

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Knicky Knacks said...

That's exactly what you should do. You need some down time to give your brain so well earned space to think of nothing. Enjoy. The housework will always be there tomorrow!