Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What a fox!

I’m having a bit of a vague moment because I cannot remember where I saw this the other day (was it at Mikes? Just checked and yes it was!) but I did go to  Matsutake and buy the pattern cause it’s just so cute and such a cool idea for a novelty lamp. I’m planning to make the lamp version next but I thought I would have a go at the softie first and tweek it if I need to.foxlightoffThis little gal will be a part of my Softies for Mirabel contribution, I might make a few more, I found some beautiful vintage sheets in purple tones at the op shop that would look sweet.  And I think I might do different eyes next time and I think for the lamp I might scale it up a bit.

Oooo I just saw that the softies are due to be a Meet Me at Mikes tomorrow!!!!!!! Well I guess that’s it for softie contributions for this year. In the post tomorrow they go!foxy 001


*Squeak* super cute cuteness alert. Check out the wears of Victoria Masons studio/shop in Fitzroy.

Open on Fridays and Saturdays, give her a call if you're planning to be in the area and want to drop by.
suite 5 . 19 Gertrude St Fitzroy . 03 9419 6707


Victoria Mason wants to remind us that

“with this sweet little reminder, you'll never let elevensies go past unmarked with a cup of tea and a nice biscuit. 'who could forget elevensies' you say? best not to risk it.”

And at $65 dollars AU too right it’s nice, nice and cute!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tutorial – Christmas garland

In the spirit of trying to get into the spirit I have been endeavouring to slowly change the tacky glitzy Christmas decorations into more meaningful and mindful handmade ones. So I spent an afternoon making this little garland to replace the tinsel.

It’s a simple non sew Christmas garland  for your Christmas tree but it can hang over a door, window or along a mantelpiece too.

I have used a traditional Christmas colour theme but I’m also going to make another bigger one out of some of my vintage pillowcase materials. Not so much for Christmas, these will adorn Savannah’s window after I paint her room.

What you will need

1.  A pen, pins,some paper and something to trace around to make your pattern. I used this little tin.

swap cards & xmas garland 010 copy

2. Some scissors and pinking shears (oh, and some craft glue too!!!)

swap cards & xmas garland 008 copy

3. A selection of materials that you like. I have five different ones here. 

swap cards & xmas garland 007 copy

4. Some fancy ribbon, or you could use ric rack or even cute bias binding.

swap cards & xmas garland 009 copy

5. An Iron

swap cards & xmas garland 011 copy 

What to do

1. Iron your fabric. Measure strips of fabric to fit your paper pattern plus a little extra room to cut with pinking shears.

2. Make a template by tracing around a round object onto paper.
I used the little tin but you can use anything round and as small or as large as you like, whatever suits you.
Cut the circle out and pin this to your material
I put a couple of pieces of fabric together to do multiple cuts.

3. Cut out as many circles as you want then fold, iron and cut in half.

4. Lay out your half circles in a row right side down. You can either go with a pattern or just a random assortment.
I chose random ‘cause that’s just me really.

5. Run glue along the back side of your ribbon gluing semi-circles as you go.
I found it easier to add the circles to the ribbon rather than the ribbon to the circles
Continue till it’s at the length you wish.

I made mine approximately 2 meters per garland just for easy handling.

swap cards & xmas garland 012 copy

6. Hang on your Christmas tree and congratulate yourself on some handmade gorgeousness.

  xmas garland

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just what I needed!

There are weeks and then there are weeks!!!! I’ve just had one of ‘those’ weeks. Crazy busy it has been frantic at work with the boss away and everyone deciding they want things done yesterday please! It’s been a steep learning curve having the responsibility of running a design studio on your own, but I have survived.

On another sad note our dog of 17 years is nearing the end of his life, his hips have deteriorated rapidly over the past six months and he is having trouble toileting etc.and is obviously suffering. We have decided it is time for him to be put to sleep. A sad day is looming.

I don’t like to dwell on the hard things that happen but they do make up the patchwork of our lives and of course to balance the sad there is the happy, and that’s just what came in the mail. Three very beautiful hand made postcards from Beth Nicholls of The Great Big Stitched Postcard.

swap cards & xmas garland 003

They are sitting very prettily next to my computer reminding me that there is beauty and laughter and graciousness and love and that these things live all around us and we can always look for them and embrace them anytime we want to. And how easy it is to lift the burden of someone’s day with a simple gift.

swap cards & xmas garland 005

So thank-you Beth you brightened my day!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

IF – Sneaky (Sound System)

This is my interpretation of this weeks Illustration Friday theme!

Connie Mitchell (a.k.a. "Miss Connie") is an Australian pop singer and the lead vocalist with the Sydney band Sneaky Sound System.

Sneaky sound system_72dpi 

The final curtain….

Well Friday was our opening and today Sunday I have completed my last task (guiding people around our artworks) and it’s all over! Four years of my life done and dusted. One book finishes and another begins, I wonder what’s in store?

I thought I would share some of the other interesting stories and artworks created by the other artist involved in our exhibition.

Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 016Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 004 Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 005 Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 003

This was an installation piece by Laree Hills expressing her terrifying experience being hospitalized this year and the loss of control she felt.
The room was completely blacked out and you had to walk through “bloodied” rags and IV lines that were suspended from the ceiling. As you made your way through the space a bell tolled and you walk towards eerily glowing petticoats that moved as a fan blew them, one of which looked to be covered in blood. There was also a strong smell of aniseed which I found quite disturbing, overall a very powerful experience.

Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 002 

Laree’s Mum Roxanne created a series of paper hand bags which explored the sacred space that is a woman’s hand bag. As an indigenous woman she sees a woman’s hand bag as ‘Secret Woman’s Business’ that can only be understood by women and all others venture by invitation only.

Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 008

Josie is an Italian born immigrant who came to Australia with her Mother and Father over fifty years ago when she was four. Last year she visited her home town in Italy for the first time. She took photos from which she created a mixed media series of works exploring her experience of immigration the series is called “You know where you are born but you don’t know where you will die”.

Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 012Luke explores the conflict that arises when the things you love and are passionate about also cause great distress and anger.

Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 013 Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 001

Aaron McKenzie and Bethany Scholar are two of my fellow Graphic Design classmates.

Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 009

This work by Raylene won the Colin Barrie acquisition award. These works taken in the back alleyways of Mildura create a Noirish, brooding sense of foreboding. She has used her work as a way of dealing with the tragic loss of her brother this year.


Introducing a fab new blog I have found made by Ana, i made it so

You can join her meme here, she says

“this week, with american thanksgiving coming up (we here have so been there, done that already ;-)), i’d love to get a collection of your writings on the topic below. get creative with it, it could mean different things to different people. i might throw my own link into the mix this week. remember to link to your actual post, not just to your blog url.”

share. read. enjoy. comment if you like. you can copy the code below if you want to spread the word. 5150414200_e48c276371_m

So I’ve found the last post I did on gratitude here.

Friday, November 19, 2010

My creative Space


Not a huge amount happening around here in my creative space (sometimes having a creative day job leaves you a bit spent by the end of the day and it’s been crazy busy) but I am working on a design for some business cards. I thought I would just let this sit for a moment and see what I think about them in a weeks time. Sometimes things need to brew a bit before I am happy with them. I do like my swishy ‘f’ that’s a definite.

Tonight is my exhibition, it’s all a bit thrilling/nerve wracking/exhausting etc. My mum arrives this afternoon too. Note to self: Need to clean the toilet!

Oh, and if you would like to have a look at some more creative spaces jump across to Kootoyoo

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aww Shucks….


Lost at E Minor is one of my fave online art and design sites and in todays email I found this…

The Model Maker was commissioned by a romantic and creative guy to create this Toy Story themed engagement ring box, to help convince a lucky girl to be his wife. What girl would say no after seeing that box?

Wow, it’s being one of ‘those’ weeks. Boss is going away for a couple of weeks and we’re trying to get one hundred and one things done for clients that want everything done yesterday. And then yesterday the starter motor died in the car and left me stranded. So long and farewell oh hard earned cash that was going towards bills, bills, bills ahhhhhhh! But I gave myself a good talking to this morning, I said “Cut out your moaning, myrtle and remember how bloody blessed you are in so many ways, pull it together!!!” Sometimes you just need to be firm with yourself, I wonder if it would work if I told myself off about chocolate? Nah.

Monday, November 15, 2010

BIG LOVE!!!!!!!


matsutake has a tutorial for this that I found via meet me at mikes

I am sooooo in love with this idea and it’s a fox super cuteness (in case you've missed it I love foxes) gotta make one soon *squeal*

Sunday, November 14, 2010

IF – Burning

Pen sketch scanned and coloured in Photoshop. First is the original then experimented with some colour variations.

Burning copy

Burning pink and apricot

Burning green

Bit of vintage Aussie music to go with the burning theme!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Creative Space

bat softie

Today I finished “De Bat” for this

Mirabel_1 copy

I’m hoping to do some other softies soon, I just can’t help thinking of the little people these toys will belong too and sending heaps of positive loving thoughts towards them.

I printed out my illustrations ‘Spring’ and ‘Autumn’ and ‘Beautiful Noise’ on some very nice watercolour paper and will have them for sale at next weeks exhibition.

And of course there was the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap

At work I have also been helping put together a very special book,  but that’s a bit secret squirrel for now I will share more when it is finished. Overall busy, but nice busy.

Swapping is fun

I think the thing I love about swaps is the  spirit of generousness that seems to come with it. Creating something beautiful for a complete stranger, the joy of surprise and expectation. It’s just plain fun really!

Over at Do What You Love Beth has just hosted the second Great Big Stitched Postcard swap and as an added bonus I am also one of her giveaway winners Woo Hoo! Woo Hoo!

I also found this link to The SwapDex. Over here you can find all sorts of swapping fun, so if you haven’t been a part of one yet why not find one that suits you and have a go.

swapdex button

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Working towards the exhibition

Working on some prints for my up coming exhibition. I have started with a hand drawn ink outline then added texture and colour digitally. The dress is a scanned pillowcase I found at the op shop today and then digitally manipulated the colour. These will be printed onto watercolour paper at around an A4 size.

pink petals copy

Golden leaves copyI’m thinking they have a seasonal feel to them, maybe Spring and Autumn?  I might have to work on a Summer and Winter.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Little treasures and craftiness

Another busy weekend. Our school held an ‘Allwares’ day on Sunday as a fundraiser and we had lots of interesting local gals with their party plans and crafty goods. I generally just helped to run around helping set up tables and meet and greet people.


The wooden laser cut snowflake that you see here was at one of the stalls that were selling Christmas decorations. I kind of thought this might make a nice brooch  and for $2.50 I said ‘YES’!

The other bits and pieces are a part of my (too) many odd collections and are also destined for broochhood.

Please take us home

In the afternoon I was wandering around our local shopping centre and these little guys very persistently nagged me to take them home and as you can see I just couldn’t resist, I’m just a sucker for a red beanie!


The other half of the earring set became a necklace. There are just so many fantastic earrings out there but I  find some of them are too big for me.
Next I had a beading bug hit and I now have three new bracelets. I really like a bit of an ethnic/handmade feel to jewellery and the satisfaction of not paying a squillion dollars for individual pieces.  

IMG_3415  IMG_3412

Thanks to Savannah for being my most excellent hand model (after a few failed attempts due to giggling resulting in fuzzy photos).

The Great Big Stitched Postcard 2

GBSPS button

Well I have finished my postcard and I have received my fellow swapsters address, so this little postcard will be winging its way to  the USA as of today.


There is a little bit of family history behind this poem. I have a little ornamental brass fry pan with this poem embossed on it. Once it belonged to my great-grandma, she gave it to my mum and my mum recently gave it to me. Both when growing up and now as an adult with my own family, I have lived in all sorts of houses over the years, none of them grand, but all of them home. I would read this little poem when I was growing up over and over, wherever we lived was home because of the people there and it really sums up my philosophy of why home is home, it’s all about the love.

My House
My house is small
No mansion for a
But there’s room
For love,
And there's room
For friends
That's all I care

Friday, November 5, 2010

It’s been a productive day!

I had an unexpected day off today. I didn’t have to go into work so I decided to do a few things that I have put off for a long time.

First I attacked my kitchen window and my French doors that lead out to the back. They have been covered in goop and dirt for too long but now, voila, zea are clean*insert bad French accent here*


So now I can look out my windows unobstructed, it’s the little things sometimes that just give you a little buzz of  contentment.


  Next I picked up  my banner for my final end of year exhibition. WOW it actually looks so good, even if I do say so myself, it’s so big. I’m working on a set of limited addition prints to go with this as well.



Then I picked up my oldest boy from his final Year 12 exam ‘WHOOT’, and we went and had celebratory lunch together.

And finally I have just finished making a recipe that I found over at The Great Oak Circle. It’s a pumpkin cake which I thought sounded kind of Christmassy and even a bit healthy (Ok that’s a stretch, but there are veggies in it!)


Vanilla Frosting and Walnuts to decorate when it’s cool…yummy!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ink and things…

Having a play with some pen and ink and a little bit of computer…much fun!


Brown Forest Owl..has since been nabbed by the youngest for his room…

Beautiful Noise copy

What a beautiful noise, falling like a waterfall, washing me clean.

Owl Girl copy

…how does the saying go? A bird in the hair is worth two in the hand? I’m sure that’s right….