Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aww Shucks….


Lost at E Minor is one of my fave online art and design sites and in todays email I found this…

The Model Maker was commissioned by a romantic and creative guy to create this Toy Story themed engagement ring box, to help convince a lucky girl to be his wife. What girl would say no after seeing that box?

Wow, it’s being one of ‘those’ weeks. Boss is going away for a couple of weeks and we’re trying to get one hundred and one things done for clients that want everything done yesterday. And then yesterday the starter motor died in the car and left me stranded. So long and farewell oh hard earned cash that was going towards bills, bills, bills ahhhhhhh! But I gave myself a good talking to this morning, I said “Cut out your moaning, myrtle and remember how bloody blessed you are in so many ways, pull it together!!!” Sometimes you just need to be firm with yourself, I wonder if it would work if I told myself off about chocolate? Nah.

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Anonymous said...

Gee Kylie it never rains it bloody well pours..all i can say is hang in there it's gotta get better!! love the talk with yourself, i do that a lot too deserve chocolate, don't fight the urge lol!! :) x

btw that's one seriously CUTE proposal!!