Sunday, November 21, 2010

The final curtain….

Well Friday was our opening and today Sunday I have completed my last task (guiding people around our artworks) and it’s all over! Four years of my life done and dusted. One book finishes and another begins, I wonder what’s in store?

I thought I would share some of the other interesting stories and artworks created by the other artist involved in our exhibition.

Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 016Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 004 Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 005 Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 003

This was an installation piece by Laree Hills expressing her terrifying experience being hospitalized this year and the loss of control she felt.
The room was completely blacked out and you had to walk through “bloodied” rags and IV lines that were suspended from the ceiling. As you made your way through the space a bell tolled and you walk towards eerily glowing petticoats that moved as a fan blew them, one of which looked to be covered in blood. There was also a strong smell of aniseed which I found quite disturbing, overall a very powerful experience.

Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 002 

Laree’s Mum Roxanne created a series of paper hand bags which explored the sacred space that is a woman’s hand bag. As an indigenous woman she sees a woman’s hand bag as ‘Secret Woman’s Business’ that can only be understood by women and all others venture by invitation only.

Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 008

Josie is an Italian born immigrant who came to Australia with her Mother and Father over fifty years ago when she was four. Last year she visited her home town in Italy for the first time. She took photos from which she created a mixed media series of works exploring her experience of immigration the series is called “You know where you are born but you don’t know where you will die”.

Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 012Luke explores the conflict that arises when the things you love and are passionate about also cause great distress and anger.

Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 013 Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 001

Aaron McKenzie and Bethany Scholar are two of my fellow Graphic Design classmates.

Ambitexterous Exhibition 2010 009

This work by Raylene won the Colin Barrie acquisition award. These works taken in the back alleyways of Mildura create a Noirish, brooding sense of foreboding. She has used her work as a way of dealing with the tragic loss of her brother this year.


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your explanations of course work as a guide. interesting.

BOB & MABEL said...

The exhibition looks great but where are your works? Would love to see them.