Monday, November 8, 2010

The Great Big Stitched Postcard 2

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Well I have finished my postcard and I have received my fellow swapsters address, so this little postcard will be winging its way to  the USA as of today.


There is a little bit of family history behind this poem. I have a little ornamental brass fry pan with this poem embossed on it. Once it belonged to my great-grandma, she gave it to my mum and my mum recently gave it to me. Both when growing up and now as an adult with my own family, I have lived in all sorts of houses over the years, none of them grand, but all of them home. I would read this little poem when I was growing up over and over, wherever we lived was home because of the people there and it really sums up my philosophy of why home is home, it’s all about the love.

My House
My house is small
No mansion for a
But there’s room
For love,
And there's room
For friends
That's all I care

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BOB & MABEL said...

I love your postcard and the poem, they are really beautiful.