Monday, November 8, 2010

Little treasures and craftiness

Another busy weekend. Our school held an ‘Allwares’ day on Sunday as a fundraiser and we had lots of interesting local gals with their party plans and crafty goods. I generally just helped to run around helping set up tables and meet and greet people.


The wooden laser cut snowflake that you see here was at one of the stalls that were selling Christmas decorations. I kind of thought this might make a nice brooch  and for $2.50 I said ‘YES’!

The other bits and pieces are a part of my (too) many odd collections and are also destined for broochhood.

Please take us home

In the afternoon I was wandering around our local shopping centre and these little guys very persistently nagged me to take them home and as you can see I just couldn’t resist, I’m just a sucker for a red beanie!


The other half of the earring set became a necklace. There are just so many fantastic earrings out there but I  find some of them are too big for me.
Next I had a beading bug hit and I now have three new bracelets. I really like a bit of an ethnic/handmade feel to jewellery and the satisfaction of not paying a squillion dollars for individual pieces.  

IMG_3415  IMG_3412

Thanks to Savannah for being my most excellent hand model (after a few failed attempts due to giggling resulting in fuzzy photos).


Zinnia Pea said...

Great finds! I LOVE the earring necklace and the little red beanie guys. :)

lisa stubbs said...

fab! love the snow flake brooch idea perfect for Christmas :)