Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tutorial – Christmas garland

In the spirit of trying to get into the spirit I have been endeavouring to slowly change the tacky glitzy Christmas decorations into more meaningful and mindful handmade ones. So I spent an afternoon making this little garland to replace the tinsel.

It’s a simple non sew Christmas garland  for your Christmas tree but it can hang over a door, window or along a mantelpiece too.

I have used a traditional Christmas colour theme but I’m also going to make another bigger one out of some of my vintage pillowcase materials. Not so much for Christmas, these will adorn Savannah’s window after I paint her room.

What you will need

1.  A pen, pins,some paper and something to trace around to make your pattern. I used this little tin.

swap cards & xmas garland 010 copy

2. Some scissors and pinking shears (oh, and some craft glue too!!!)

swap cards & xmas garland 008 copy

3. A selection of materials that you like. I have five different ones here. 

swap cards & xmas garland 007 copy

4. Some fancy ribbon, or you could use ric rack or even cute bias binding.

swap cards & xmas garland 009 copy

5. An Iron

swap cards & xmas garland 011 copy 

What to do

1. Iron your fabric. Measure strips of fabric to fit your paper pattern plus a little extra room to cut with pinking shears.

2. Make a template by tracing around a round object onto paper.
I used the little tin but you can use anything round and as small or as large as you like, whatever suits you.
Cut the circle out and pin this to your material
I put a couple of pieces of fabric together to do multiple cuts.

3. Cut out as many circles as you want then fold, iron and cut in half.

4. Lay out your half circles in a row right side down. You can either go with a pattern or just a random assortment.
I chose random ‘cause that’s just me really.

5. Run glue along the back side of your ribbon gluing semi-circles as you go.
I found it easier to add the circles to the ribbon rather than the ribbon to the circles
Continue till it’s at the length you wish.

I made mine approximately 2 meters per garland just for easy handling.

swap cards & xmas garland 012 copy

6. Hang on your Christmas tree and congratulate yourself on some handmade gorgeousness.

  xmas garland

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Heather said...

oh how sweet. i like your garland. it's beautiful and homey! xxoo