Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What a fox!

I’m having a bit of a vague moment because I cannot remember where I saw this the other day (was it at Mikes? Just checked and yes it was!) but I did go to  Matsutake and buy the pattern cause it’s just so cute and such a cool idea for a novelty lamp. I’m planning to make the lamp version next but I thought I would have a go at the softie first and tweek it if I need to.foxlightoffThis little gal will be a part of my Softies for Mirabel contribution, I might make a few more, I found some beautiful vintage sheets in purple tones at the op shop that would look sweet.  And I think I might do different eyes next time and I think for the lamp I might scale it up a bit.

Oooo I just saw that the softies are due to be a Meet Me at Mikes tomorrow!!!!!!! Well I guess that’s it for softie contributions for this year. In the post tomorrow they go!foxy 001


genie espinosa said...

i want this lamp as breath!

lisa stubbs said...

gorgeous fox softie!

Fourth Daughter said...

What a sweetie... she really glows (well, the lamp does, anyway, haha)