Tuesday, December 28, 2010

For me? Why thank you!

I know Christmas isn’t all about the gifts ,but it is nice when you get presents that show that the people around you understand you!

Christmas pressies 2010

Sitting at the ready for some bedtime reading and inspirational imagining, and never having to fumble in the dark again for my face furniture…

christmas pressies 2010 2

…sitting pride of place on our Christmas table…

christmas pressies 2010 3

….inspiring, moving and thought provoking…

christmas pressies 2010 4

…a perfect addition to my deck decor…

christmas pressies 2010 6


…too pretty to use with my grubby kids will have to think of alternative applications….

christmas pressies 2010 5 
…ahhh, such achingly beautiful songs….

christmas pressies 2010 7

…I am the queen of fairy lights, you can never have enough!

Hope you received some nice pressies too, even if you had to buy them for yourself!

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Sympathy for The Devil said...

stopping by to wish you a happy new year!!!