Monday, December 20, 2010

He did it!!!!!

Yep, my boy passed Year 12 and graduated.


I couldn’t help but go and try casting spells at him “Expelleramus”, (in case your wondering I’m alluding to Harry Potter, yes I am that geeky) hehehe.
Aww, my two spunky boys.


Talk about a kilowatt smile.


There’s a bit of a story to all this. The night before his graduation he was in Melbourne attending the Muse concert. In case your not familiar with Australian geography to get from Mildura to Melbourne Micah had to catch a bus (31/2 hrs) then train (21/2 hrs) to Bendigo (my mum’s house) then another train (2 1/2 hrs) to Melbourne. We had pre-booked all his travel and the plan was for him to leave the concert a half hour early so he could catch the train back to Bendigo, stay at my mum’s, then catch the return train/bus to Mildura in time for his graduation. Well all was going to plan until he arrives at the Melbourne train station to find there are no trains to Bendigo!!!!! Frantic phone calls at 11.30 at night, oh crap!
Well luckily he had his ticket to prove he had the booking and someone on the train company’s end had mucked up so they offered to put him up in a motel overnight, this was no good because he would have missed his grad so they paid for a taxi to Bendigo! It would have cost them over $600. Thankfully he arrived home safe and sound.
Now I have to face him leaving home in couple of weeks, he is moving to Bendigo to start a Diploma of Engineering *sigh*, gonna miss him :(


lisa stubbs said...

Congratulations! times change and it's all good don't be sad :)

BOB & MABEL said...

Congratulations on your son's graduation and at least Bendigo is only a 4 hour drive. Not too far for a weekend trip.