Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Here I am, where are you?

Here I am

Some random scribbling. I haven’t participated in Illustration Friday for a couple of weeks and I have about a hundred ideas buzzing around in my head at the moment but can’t seem to find any time to just sit down and scribble. This was just an idle doodle to try and ‘prime the pump’ and get the hand and mind flowing. Ahhh, to have a place that I could go to get away from the house/dishes/laundry/kids/husband and just draw, draw, draw. It’s also been really hot and humid here these past few weeks and I’m never much good in the heat, enough excuses JUST DO IT!!!

Here’s a couple of things I’m crushing on at the moment these awesome cushions, I just love embroidery.bird pillows embroidered pillows

I’d love to be able to tell you where I got these images but can’t! How cute are those bird cushions? Love this little owl too but is only available if I fly to Paris…anyone want to fund that?


Have had to suffice with a little crocheting silliness making my own owl lovely while sitting under the air conditioner.

Crocet owl & retro sheet 001

Then I’ve been moving, cleaning & reorganising.

Crocet owl & retro sheet 002

And my latest oppy find, some cute vintage sheets.

Crocet owl & retro sheet 003 

So that’s me this week, what ya’ll been doin’?

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Heather said...

I agree, I have had less and less time as the holiday approaches to get a lot of drawing done. When you find that place to draw all day, save me a spot! he he he
I love the owls, too!
Great drawing, too,,,oooh, she's so pretty!