Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hit the ground running…or just hit the ground

Oh wow! I’m back from holiday’s and how!

After braving torrential rains all the way back home from Bendigo (worrying that we might be forced back due to flooding) it is straight back into work. First day back I come out to find someone has broken the side mirror off my car, the storms have taken down four branches of a cedar tree next to our house destroying my nectarine tree and damaging our fence and that my son’s Youth Allowance has been cut off (even though I gave all our Tax info to the powers that be, since then I have had to go into Centrelink everyday this week with more copies of the same forms, can I scream now) which is just great seeing as we have just moved him to out of home to Bendigo to go to school!
‘Breath just breath……’

Ok, venting over now, I’m determined not to let anyone or anything rain on my parade. Finances may be slim, life is full of disappointment and trial and frustration may be mounting but I am determined that all things are working for good. YEAH, TAKE THAT STUPID ANNOYING STUFF THAT HAPPENS IN MY LIFE!


While I was on holiday I did the above  sketch and this is what my focus is on today, this and following the advice of Helen Aldous at Artonomy. She has suggested a ‘To Do’ list for improving your outcomes for self promotion as an artist, and they are very practical and doable.


So I’m, gunna stop whinging and start doing.


Soggy Dog Studios said...

Thinking of all of you down under. I am glad you are safe and sound! As far as the other stuff.... I think it just comes with the territory of being an artist... Perhaps without the chaos, we wouldn't be as creative! I hope 2011 has great plans for us all! Stay Safe!!! xo - Kim

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh this was great post!!!!! You made my morning. I'm just gonna look at your list and do it he he he!!!! Thanks so much for you encouraging words. I so appreciate your kind words. They are like healing balm. Thanks so much. Hugs to you