Thursday, February 17, 2011


kylie and ted
I’ve been scanning a lot of old photo’s recently and restoring some of the damaged ones, this one above had almost disappeared. This is me and my Teddy and I guess I would be about 4 or 5 so circa 1975. The outfit I have on was made by either my mum or Grandma, not sure, but I distinctly remember that this was the beginning of my love of sewing/crafting. Notice the elegant veil adorning my spiffy teddy? This was my first attempt at making ‘stuff’ and I can remember about this time mum showing me how to tack with needle and thread. Actually the first real item I made was at school in grade 6, a totally hand sewn apron and I still have it. img042

Love the whole hand on the hip thing!

My mum kept a diary of my first five years and every so often she pulls it out and recounts my funny sayings and doings, like the time sitting in the back of the car at age 2 trying to tell mum about the ‘bitey’s’ to which her response is to ‘smack the bitey’s.’ when she turns around she finds me smacking my own hand that is stuck in the ashtray!

My best friend has 5 kids, the youngest are 8, 6 and 4. Quite often she sends me texts (a modern day diary) of the funny things they say and I’m telling you they are funny!

Just the other week the while watching a documentary about Eagles Miss 6 asks “What do Eagles eat?” to which Miss 4 replies “Lambs and Backpackers!” Who knew? Let it be noted that your taking your life in your hands backpacking around Australia, watch out for those hungry Eagles! We weren't sure if she meant Alpacas but no she assures us it was backpackers, bahahaha!

These funny kids obviously get their wit from a very clever mummy who is also very funny. In today’s text message she says;

“I’m reading about brain injury (she is studying psychology at the moment) and how patients with frontal cortex injury lack sympathy, empathy or remorse for wrong doing are prone to lying for no apparent reason and are capable of verbal or physical outbursts. I’m thinking, surely not every guy I’ve dated has suffered head trauma?”

You can find more of her funny adventures and wise sayings on her blog The Purple Pumpernickel

As usual I have sat up too late and need to take myself off to bed *sigh*yawn*zzzzz*nite


Shell said...

We seem to be foxy ladies together! I can totally relate to looking through old photos and remembering things that happened long ago. I made a quilt quite a while ago that had lots of scraps from my mums stash of fabric. Fabric that we girls had dresses made out of etc. It was fun to reminisce.

Maxabella said...

Check out the dress with matching scarf combo. LOVE! x

midge said...

i love looking back at old photos and being jolted back to the moment it was taken. remembering clothes, people, food, toys. my kids will have to settle for a memory stick and a USB port