Monday, February 7, 2011

A good day

The kids started back at school last Friday then we had the flooding rains so school was cancelled until Tuesday as the road to the school was closed. Nooooooo! I have to admit I was kinda looking forward to the first day in soooo long to be alone but….

it’s been a good day.


Just a bit of domestic catch up, making yummy sandwiches for the kids and coffee date with the best friend while the kids play. Nothing special and yet so peaceful.

tea_lights_3  image here

I like days like today it kind of feels timeless and unrushed and just plain nice. No need to hurry nothing that HAS to be done and it costs nothing. Yeah, it’s been a good day.

Oh, and aren't they the cutest lights ever!

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Maxabella said...

These are what I think of as 'stolen' days. They just happen when you're not expecting them (ESPECIALLY when the road to school is flooded! The drama!). They're days when you're not timetabled or worried about getting things done. The best kind of day. x