Saturday, February 5, 2011

See you in the morning….


You think you know someone! To me my mate Brad was the go to guy for all things tech. He turned up most Friday nights at our weekly social get together with something new to show (brag) about and could be relied upon to provide a copy of a favourite movie/series (completely legally of course) if you asked or even if you didn’t. He was quiet, could be abrupt at times, was generous, loved teaching and could be relied upon for helping out.

I remember well the Friday night when we were sitting around chatting and watching movies when he told us he hadn’t been feeling well and was going to have some tests for what they thought was Glandular Fever. Then came the news he was heading to Adelaide for more tests as there were some suspicious shadows found via x-rays but not to worry as the Dr. thought they were just abscesses. It came as a shock to all of us when the diagnosis came back as Pancreatic Cancer and then in just 10 short weeks he was gone. He was only 43.

Last Thursday was his funeral and  it was a beautiful tribute to his life. A time of story telling was allowed and friends, family, colleagues and students (he was a math/science teacher) shared their experience of Brad. I was totally surprised by the enlightening stories that showed a much bigger picture of who he was. It struck me that you just never know what you may say or do, and you might think it insignificant, that will be the treasured memory that another will take with them through life. I think Brad would have been really surprised too.

I read something last week by an author called Phillip Yancey who interviewed a brilliant psychologist who had suffered a brain injury that caused double vision, headaches and difficulty reading and walking because of a drunk driver running into his car and also the battle of his wife's cancer. Yancey asked him about his disappointment with God and if he blamed Him for the tragedy that he has suffered and surprisingly he was not angry with God at all. I found his answer very interesting and made me think in a different way, as he simply stated that he thought that people confuse life with God. Just because God is fair doesn't mean to say life is fair, Jesus certainly didn’t get what he deserved, and we can all attest to the unfairness of life even our kids know it.  How often have you heard this? “Mum, he/she did_____. It’s not fair!!!!” (add whine/anger).

I don’t pretend to have any answers to the unfairness of life and death and the injustice of it still hurts, but I do know that I am incredibly grateful for having the hope that faith brings. Today I may only be able to see things through  murky waters, but one day all will be clear, and I know this life is not all there is it’s just a small part of eternity.

We miss you in the mean time Brad, but we will see you in the morning.


Knicky Knacks said...

Beautiful post.

Sissy Sparrows said...

Sorry for your loss, moving words of enlightenment.