Sunday, February 6, 2011

Who are you? Really?

I'm here for you72dpi

When it all feels just too much there’s nothing quite like a woolly hug when  its cold and your feeling low. If you can cuddle up and listen to the sound of a heart beating you just know that it’s going to ok.

Summer has turned to winter over night. We have gone from 40+ scorching, humid heat and torrential downpours causing localised flooding to a cool and cloudy 18.

I haven’t drawn anything for a while now, I’m finding it hard, but I determined this morning to just go and draw something, anything and this was the result. I guess I’m feeling a little dark and twisty at the moment so it seems a little sad.

Do you ever wonder what people are really like? Even the ones we are close to? What is really under the ‘skin’ do we come across to everyone as a sheep but inside us lurks a lion? What keeps us from being real? Is it fear, shame, is it just too hard or are we uncertain of who we really are?

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Rin Ohara said...

So actual and difficult topic..