Friday, April 1, 2011

Secret Boy Business

Lachi's Photos 001

I did very sneakily sneak up on my boys waging epic battles in the backyard. There was much negotiation plus gales of laughter going on and I became intrigued…

Lachi's Photos 005

Of course my cover was blown almost immediately and displays of strength, sword play and general drama were provided for the camera. I of course made the appropriate ‘oooing’ and ‘ahhing’ noises…

Lachi's Photos 006

I’m afraid daddy didn’t stand a chance especially as he was told to stand still and he wasn’t allowed to retaliate!

Lachi's Photos 011

Thanks to a recent exposure to the Umbilical Brothers we can now imitate major physical injury, I’m so proud!

Lachi's Photos 012

Notice the homemade sword? Made by my thirteen year old daughter (no girly stuff here thank you very much).

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Tania said...

Hooray for non-girly thirteen year olds! That is all.