Monday, March 28, 2011

What I wore today…

Well I haven’t illustrated for ‘What you wore today’ for a while and there has been a request made that I do more of these so here we are. My problem is I tend to wear the same things all the time and as I haven’t been clothes shopping for ages it’s a bit tricky. BTW the jacket is more dark olive than rust.

What I wore today 04

I thought I would include a couple of photo’s of the real deal. So here are my bag and shoes. Full body shots are not gunna happen! At least I can be kinda kind to myself when I draw but photo’s are unforgiving.

Bag material 002

January 28th 2011


Venise said...

you have very cute feet xx

Annie P. said...

yes you do have very cute feet! Thanks for the update! I really enjoy them. I recognise the handbag, it was sitting next to me in church last week ,(as were you!). I liked it.
I love the cute little illustrations of you. Love Annie xxx

Angela Stewart said...

You are as adorable as your shoes Kylie! I wear the same outfit over and over too...HATE clothes shopping! We must catch up for another coffee sometime :D xo