Sunday, April 10, 2011

IF - Bottled


This weeks theme for Illustration Friday is ‘Bottled’.

We’ve all been in that place where we bottle up the feelings and feel like we could just  about explode, this little guy is on the verge!  The damage that bullying can do to both parties can be so far reaching, I just so wish it was handled better in schools.

Actually this illustration is kinda close to home at the moment. I mentioned before the problems we were having at school with my youngest and how we have been home schooling for the past month to try and undo some of the damage that has been done.

This picture is pretty much how my boy has been reacting to frustration and embarrassment and we have been trying to work very hard  helping him to deal with his emotions. We have seen some excellent progress over the past couple of weeks and I can’t praise my husband enough in his very wise parenting.

Fortunately we have found a new school that I think can help us and they have a very clear, firm policy on handling bullying and have made a commitment to get his education back on track. It has come as a big shock to us that he tests as almost three years behind. I’m trying very hard not to let feelings of guilt and anger take over and just focus on getting this sorted but it is so hard when you see the pain your child is in. Trying to restore his confidence and self-worth is our primary goal but it’s not going to happen overnight, just taking one step at a time.


Isabelle said...

Kylie,I can totally relate to your story. It is so tough to see our kid live trough this. You are right, so many schools are just not equiped to deal with bullying... it amazed me that they still have no plan, in 2011!!! So many child feel like they have no ressource, no one to talk to.. helpless. I think all your moves were the right one. Very happy to see you have found a new school for your boy. Your illustration is just lovely. Illustrate so well the frustration and the building of anger. No one should have to feel and go trough this. It should be that all school would have a "zero tolerance for bullying" rule. Bravo to you and your husband. :) And to your boy!!

Kate said...

I wonder if drawing that bottled up, abut to explode feeling is as good as feeling it. Ugh! Poor ypu guys. It just sucks.
Last Friday when I went to school to pick up mine, I was met with some stories that made me feel like that. Luckily I remembered just in time that its not about me and that I am the adult and so I went home and called the teacher and we made a plan of how to deal with it.
It is so hard.
I'll bet you anything that your boy cathces up sooooo quickly as soon as he is in an environment where he feels safe and supported.