Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just for fun

I love those times when you just do something just because you can. There is no real purpose other than to amuse yourself and just play.


This little character arrived on my page as just an eye to begin with (that’s quite often where I begin as it seems to indicate the personality of the character), her name is Pepper, I think she might be a bit fiery.

I just kind of doodled a bit and basically had her face and that was about it….a week later I was doodling in church (What! you gasp, not listening to the sermon!) it’s actually how I listen best …anyhoo, I started doing these little line drawings of a street of NY inner city type buildings. It was fun and they were kinda cute in a lopsided wonky way (I have an affinity with the curve rather than the straight line), I thought their black and white simplicity might sit nicely with the colours of my character. To begin with I just had a close up on her face but then I thought it might be better to put her in the streetscape as a whole person.

What does she say to you? To me she kind of looks a bit miffed and like she’s about to let the balloons go, or maybe there is some mystery afoot, where has the balloon man gone dum dum daaaa!?!?

So! This is me having a bit of fun. Hope you find it fun too.

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