Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Creative Space

This week I have started my patchwork granny square blanket.


Cutting, cutting, cutting. I started with the stash and have added the cute toadstool material and a nice green and cream leafy pattern. I’ll just keep adding as I find cute material.


A fairly neutral colour pallet with the addition of some pinks and oranges will find a place in my bedroom.
Sewed these squares together and blanket stitch the edges.


Sewed these squares together and blanket stitch the edges. I got the first one a bit wrong but have found 10 stitches  then double trebles into the first round of blanket stitch works best, then crocheting triple trebles into the fourth stitch of the second round then just granny as usual, (not very technical I know I’m kinda a make it up as you go gal).


I have them sitting on my coffee table at the moment cause I like to walk past occasionally and look at them, they make me feel happy!

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Jules said...

No wonder you feel happy! Your granny patchwork blanket is going to be beautiful. I love the combination of fabric and yarn, I have been thinking about something similar and seeing your lovely work is inspiring me to stop thinking about it and just do it! Looking forward to seeing the finished masterpiece!! Have a great week.:)

LionessLady said...

Oh, I love these! Pip at Meet me at Mikes posted a lovely blanket using squares like these! Do you mind if I attempt to copy you using your mini tutorial!!??

Jennifer said...

Love the combination of the fabric with the yarn. Pretty colors, too!