Monday, May 9, 2011

Simple Little things

It’s the simple things in life that make it sweet.


A place to sit and create.
Here in my little caravan that I am slowly making my own, I can get away from the thousand and one things that cry to be attended to. I can sit and contemplate, sketch, sew and crochet for a few minutes before I’m found by the family. Do you ever find that? Be out of eyesight for more than a minute and the hunt begins, gotta know where the mumma is!!


Tasty, easy, healthy food.
A friend from East Timor showed us this simple ‘snack’ ( I consider this lunch) that she makes all the time. Start with a packet of Asian noodles/vermicelli add enough boiling water to cover noodles add Bok Choy/cabbage/lettuce, mushrooms, onion, capsicum, Thai marinated Tofu (really anything you fancy) Sprinkle seasoning (if you don’t have seasoning I use stock instead of water), fresh coriander and then squeeze some lemon juice at the end just before serving. Cook till noodles are soft. YUM.


Something to do.
I have started my blanket as inspired from my previous post. I want to add some more Autumnal colours as well, a few more oranges and apricot tones. This fabric is just what I happened to have in my stash to get me started. I can’t wait to get to the crochet part.

  peace and plenty 

Good books that you can read over and over again are like medicine for the fractured soul. I am in serious need of some Financial Serenity and my lovely mummy bought this for me after she read her own copy. Now we can compare notes.

Today I found out from my Doctor that my health is not so great. I am going to have to make some big changes over the coming  months to try and reverse what can only be described as neglectful living. I have the very bad habit of considering everything else that noisily badgers for attention more important than myself, and am reaping the consequences. I have a hard time thinking that my needs are as important as everyone else’s but I am (finally) coming to the conclusion that if I don’t look after myself no one else will (duh!)…so anyway, here’s to the simple things.

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tea with lucy said...

i have been dreaming of a caravan of my own and scouring the interwebs for a little vintage cutey. yours looks divine!