Thursday, May 5, 2011

Surprise! I am still alive….

Yep contrary to appearances I have not fallen of the face of the earth just the blogosphere for a bit.

My life has been a flurry of mad activity for the last little bit and I haven’t had a moment to myself to get my thoughts together in any sort of coherence. I’ve almost felt a bit reluctant to come back and blog  kind of like when you haven’t talked to a friend in a while and you know you really should make the effort. You know when you do you’ll really enjoy it but there are just so many other things that seem more pressing.

A quick overview includes:

~ Easter (chocolate overload and family visiting)
~ Getting my youngest boy settled in a new school which is including all sorts of testing , meetings and such. We are really hoping this is going to be a new start for him. Crossing fingers, toes and eyes,(elicits odd looks and makes it a bit difficult to walk!)
~ Work of course (flat out like a lizard drinking I tell ya)
~ Last minute frenzied shopping and gift wrapping for about 150+ gifts for the mothers day stall on Friday ( little bit tired now)
~ Tests at the Doctors (ho hum too boring to talk about)
~ Gardening, cool weather at last, no frying of skin involved.

I can’t believe it but I haven’t so much as lifted a pencil in the last few weeks, so no illustrations. Not to say I haven’t got 101 ideas floating about just no time, actually I think it’s more I haven’t been able to be still and alone long enough.

Sorry about the appalling photo’s I just took them and it is now 12.50am and I really should be in bed.

IMG_3787 IMG_3783
I did crochet a new beret for winter while watching TV over a couple of nights, that was fun, and I now am inspired by this blanket from here so I think this will be my next project.

kaffe fasset crochet fusion blanket

So pretty!

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Fourth Daughter said...

Nice to know you are still around... and that is indeed a very sweet blanket, look forward to seeing your efforts!