Monday, July 18, 2011

Other ‘f’ words and randomness


I was kind of thinking about the how we refer to that common term for sex as the ‘f’ word the other day and thought the letter ‘f’ is getting a bit of a raw deal hence the above.

I’m not much for swearing I remember in fact being soundly told off when I was about 8 for saying ‘shut up’, I actually thought that was a swear word for many years. How’s this for ironical, I had never heard of the ‘f’ word until my best friend told me a joke that contained it when I first started attending a Christian school in grade 5, huh!

But I’m not totally uptight and prudish I have been known to occasionally drop the ‘f’ bomb when under duress (such as having to perform a surgical procedure on my own leg recently to remove a glass shard that became lodged there!!!!!) but hey were all human darn it (no not uptight at all)!

I  find swearing kind of boring and vulgar (don’t you just love the word vulgar, but you have to say it with a posh accent and draw out the ‘arrrr’ at the end to get its full gratifying effect) plus there are just so many other really cool, interesting words you can use to express yourself. I like daggy swearish sort  of words like;

‘Blast’, ‘Dang’, ‘Bother’, ‘Tarnations’, ‘Struth’, ‘Blow’, ‘Dag nab it’ and one that I use with my kids although it’s more of a sound effect ‘grrr, I say, grrr’ team this with dramatic gestures and comic expressions and it can be quite gratifying.

I’ll tell you a secret though, I do like saying ‘Bloody Hell’ (and I did so before Ronald Weasley ever did), I know, shocking!

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Olwen said...

Ha!! Ha!! I'm quite fond of 'bugger' but only in the privacy of my own ears!! - Olwen