Friday, July 15, 2011


Well I’ve had my tirade and now I’m moving on.

Yep now I’m getting on to the making changes part of my mid life crisis.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things that I want to be different but I’m going to start one step at a time beginning with a book that I’m currently reading, ‘The Artists Way’. One of the exercises in the book is called Daily Pages in which you write three pages every morning just writing down anything and everything that comes into your mind without censor. So, that’s what I’ve been doing, purging, all the crap that goes around my head I’m releasing onto the page without censor and without judgement. I’ve been aware for years that the way I deal with emotions especially negative ones is to swallow them, literally, hence the massive weight gain and now the diabetes! No more.

Since being diagnosed with diabetes I have made a lot of changes to my diet and I have lost about 4.5 kilos but I know I need some help to be able to really get this show on the road so I’ve also decided to join Weight Watchers to help give me the tools for change. Wednesday at 6 that’s where I’ll be!

In a totally different area of my life I am also doing some major cleaning, reordering and minimising of my house. Unused items and clothes are outta here, and I am reinstating eating meals at the table as a family instead of in front of the telly which has become a very bad habit that I hate.

Just a few things but they each are a small step towards the me I see inside my head and are an outward reflection of an internal shift. Hurrah!


Beach holidays ahhh…..

A little peak at sparkely nights….


Lachi’s first view of the ocean…

IMG_3898 IMG_3899

water that goes forever'….


Harry Potter, how exciting….


dolphins, sea lions, sharks, polar bears and penguins…


Fun memories! 

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