Thursday, July 21, 2011


Sooo…what you been doing?

No this is not an oil slick. I bought a silk scarf off the internet a couple of years ago but when it arrived it really wasn’t the colour I was hoping for, BRIGHT SHOCKING PINK just isn’t me. So when I was cleaning out my cupboards the other day, reorganising and throwing out and being completely ruthless I was about to put it in the op shop pile when I thought ‘hang on’, it’s beautiful silk and I’m sure I could dye it. So today out came the pots off I went to Spotlight and now I have a lovely charcoal grey scarf that is going to become a favourite. Woo Hoo.



On a brighter side I’m still working on my zig zag rug which is coming along nicely and you can see the tote bag I made from vintage sheets that holds the wool for this particular project. So very cheery on these frosty, grey evenings.


I was all organised today and made tea straight after work at 2pm before I went and got the kids. We’re having meatballs with a Provencale sauce and Cous Cous, yum. Then it’s a girls night out with my daughter to check out the final Harry Potter.

I’ve been throwing heaps of stuff out or donating to the oppy’s and it’s such a good feeling to take back control of my life. I keep telling myself ‘If you want your life to change you can’t wait around for someone else to do it, you have to do it yourself’. So things that I have been putting off for ages are on the ‘list’ and they are getting done. And you know what, it’s rubbing off! The hubby has been getting stuck into those little jobs around the house that have been screaming (or is that me screaming) to be done, and I didn't even ask! Awesome.

And while were on the subject of changes I have been really careful with my food since finding out I am Diabetic and it’s a real education. When you have to monitor your blood sugar you really see how food affects your body in an immediate way. To my surprise I am finding it very helpful for helping me loose weight. I think too I can’t tell myself anymore that just one biscuit/cake/pie etc. won’t hurt because it really will and I have the sugar levels to prove it. I’m so terrified of loosing my sight or toes and thinking of the sugar in my blood damaging my organs that I’m not even tempted to break out. This is it!

So far I have lost 8kg and am fitting back into pants that I had put away about two years ago. Sometimes what we see as a curse can turn into a blessing.

I must admit that I get really scared that the motivation will wear off and I’ll just fall in a heap and the change won’t happen, but it’s just one step at a time right? Just keep moving forward.

The one thing that I wish I could change is my loathing of exercise, it’s just so BORING. I can’t afford a gym membership so it’s walking, blah. I have a dream that one day I would actually like to learn to run properly and I quite like cycling but I’m too fat at the moment and I’m scared of falling off. Guess I’ll just keep walking and try to build up to the fun stuff.

Wow, I’ve really rambled on today, the suns gone down and I’d better heat up the tea and get everyone fed before we go out. Till next time.

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midge said...

wow big changes afoot at your place. your scarf is lovely. i think exercise is one of those things that once you develop the habit it just becomes part of the routine. good luck with the health news. it is a big change and a big commitment to make those changes, but well worth it. i think we are ripply twins. happy rippling