Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hello Blog it’s me….

Hello Blog I have missed you so much!

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I know I have been neglectful of your digital goodness for a long time now. I have left your pages languishing  and empty of words, sentences and whole paragraphs not to mention photo sharing, I’m sorry.

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, no not at all it’s just been a funny couple of months filled with changes and sickness’s and gloomy unfun feelings and it’s been soooo cold….but here I am now and you know I feel a corner turning and maybe see some light up ahead. Maybe it’s the sudden bit of sunshine that hints at Spring springing or maybe it’s just that I’ve finally got a bit of time completely alone to think about you and remember how much I miss you.

Anyway, I’m really excited cause I’m going away on a little trip all by my self this week. I’m heading off to Bendigo where I get to spend some time with my big boy (oh how I miss him) and then my mum and I are spending a night in Melbourne and then going to the Winter Masterpiece exhibition at the NGV, Klimt, Scheile, bliss!

Winter Masterpiece Vienna


I’ve also been working artwork for a local advertising company for a TV ad (exciting), making some felted toy gifts for some special little people (joy) and designing some mural ideas for a new child care centre.

I’ve even fitted in learning how to do a bit of yoga, (totally in the privacy of my own home thank you very much, way too humiliating in public ‘downward facing dog’ is a private matter me thinks!)


And you know what Blog? All this activity means I’m going to have heaps of things to tell you and photo’s too, promise.

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Angela Stewart said...

Lovely bog post Kylie...and I was just thinking about you today! It sound alike you've got a lovely week planned, I hope you enjoy every second of it! xo