Thursday, October 20, 2011

Colour and pattern for Pamper Day

So Pamper Day is only 17 days away and I have been spasmodically working on my contribution to the stall. My plan was to make some tote bags and iron transfers of my original designs onto the bags (the top three designs below)  but there is a problem….Print

…as you can see I am having transfer issues!!!!!!!!

I made the bags up (this is one of 3 different fabric print). I ironed the transfer but  it  didn’t adhere very well when I lifted the corner to check, so I continued pressing as per instructions and it seems to have scorched grrrrrrr! I’m using a different brand of transfer paper and me thinks it’s not so good.

I’m not sure if I should keep trying or shelve the idea altogether and perhaps print cards instead, what do you think? Any tips, tricks or suggestions?

october 2011 008 

Oh, and I want to introduce a new member of our family, please meet Tilly!  As you can see she is a little bit ball focused…

october 2011 007

october 2011 005

We adopted Tilly from our local pound and she is just a beautiful doggy person to have around, such a sweet personality and so loving she literally wraps her paws around you (not so helpful when walking with a basket full of washing). She loves to rest her head on your shoulder when driving (just got to watch the quick ear wash you occasionally get, YUCK). Only drawback is she may be half kangaroo or perhaps ‘Tigger’ as she does tend to bounce, meh, nobodies perfect!

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