Monday, October 24, 2011

Go Wildcats!

Lachi has joined a basketball team, the under 12’s Wildcats, WHOOT!

I’m kinda surprised  how much I’m getting into it.  I used to play in college but that is some 20+ years ago, my lay ups are not what they used to be.


Our poor kids have all only just started, they got chucked in the deep end not even knowing the rules or even each others names and we didn’t have a coach either, luckily one of the dads stepped in for the night and gave them a bit of direction. The poor little blighters didn’t have any subs either so they had to do the whole game. Still they had a red hot go and a lot of fun and that’s the main thing.

I was a bit concerned in the first ten minutes when Lachi was yelling “Don’t throw it to me!” Hmmm. But he gained some confidence  and has now informed me he’s going to be a professional basketball player when he grows up.


Another funny thing is Lachi is actually the tallest on his team and if you knew our family you would see how side splitting that is, we have a serious height gene deficiency on both sides. He just better enjoy it while it lasts he he!


Maxabella said...

I loved playing basketball as a kid. It's a great game. Go Lachi! x

Angela Stewart said...

What a terrific post! Go Lachi...enjoy the game!!