Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In my garden

My creative energies have been flowing towards the garden of late. Since moving here to Mildura the garden hasn’t really been a priority and with the drought planting was just too difficult. But since the breaking of the drought a new surge to grow things has come upon me.



Mr Gnome (Mothers Day 2010, thanks Lachi!) has found a lovely home amongst the violas.


The transplanted roses are blooming better than they have in years. You can’t see very well here but my rubbish tip salvaged iron garden seats ($5!!!!) have found a home out here too and I am in the process of replacing the wooden slats. They had been painted a ‘lovely’ bright blue with some brown thrown in, hmmm.

IMG_4196  IMG_4195

Getting creative with our old post box stand and an old bird feeder. Bit of matt black spray and a citronella candle to keep the mozzies at bay. Have yet to find a permanent home for it I have another project regarding this in mind, stay tuned.

My day’s tend to run with getting up at 6:30 and going for a walk with the dog (and getting a good dose of garden perving around the neighbourhood) then watering the garden before getting the kiddo’s out of bed and getting ready for school and off to work. Nice. 

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